Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blustery Day

Wow!  What an eventful day we had!  This morning I was planning on going in to work to cover the shift of my co-worker who was out of town.  So my alarm when off ("Iiii am a maaaan, of constant soorrroows..." -yes I know that is an interesting choice of songs to wake up to, kinda gives you a hint of how I feel about mornings!) and in between hitting snooze I hear POURING rain and crazy wind and sirens.  So after a few times of snooze Neil says, "well I guess we better get in the closet... its time to get up anyway" he said this with a nonchalant tone as if that was a normal morning greeting for us *laugh*.  So we got in the closet and I grabbed a bunch of pillows, he got the weather radio and some granola bars then I went to get my purse and my wedding ring, then he wanted his book, then I wanted my book, then we both had to go to the bathroom, (you can see how good we would be in a real emergency situation!) 
So once we were settled in the closet we decided to find out why we were in the closet and it turned out there were 85 mile an hour winds flying through our neighborhood!  Ack!  So we didn't really need to be in the closet since there wasn't a tornado warning, but since we were in there we decided to be safe and stay just incase flying debris came shooting through our window!  So then my boss called me to say that I didn't need to come in today since the weather was so bad!  That was good since I wasn't looking forward to driving in the monsoon!  So after the severe weather warning was over we looked out the windows and there was trash all over our front yard and the wind was blowing all the rain sideways and knocking over people's trash cans and walloping over our new little maple tree!  
Yes it tipped our little tree clean over and rubbed it so roughly against the pavers that it looks like we tried to chop it down!  Needless to say we were quite distraught, and had a hard time waiting for the hail and downpour to stop for us to go prop it back up!  The storm abruptly passed and the sun came out, so Neil pulled some of the steaks out of the backyard  that are no longer needed and we put them in the front yard to stabilize our trees. 
This task was harder than it looks, because if you will remember, our yard is made of cement! In the process of securing our trees we discovered another little home that survived the storm :)  
After we were done with the yard work we headed out to run some errands.  We got lunch at Q'doba (soo good!) and then went to flowerama and got a ton of beautiful yellow carnations to hand out to the mother's in our church on Sunday.

Oh and last week we went bowling with Jon and Amanda for Amanda's birthday celebration! 
 I was by far the best at getting my ball in the gutter :)  
It was their daughter's first bowling trip and she had a blast!  

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Kenny and Karen said...

Hey sweet lady, I miss you and your fun blog updates ;) I want to see some pictures from Angel Fire!!!

I love you!!