Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, since we just decorated for Christmas, I guess I should go ahead and post my fall decor pics! haha!

When Neil and I got married we decided that we should only buy decorations for the 4 different seasons instead of each individual holiday. That way you have a few items that can easily be switched out for the seasons, and you aren't using a lot of space storing items you only put out for one month of the year! I thoroughly agreed with this logic when we decided on it, but now that we have had a full year of marriage (and we have a house to decorate) I want to put out things for every event! It just doesn't feel right to have Easter with out colored eggs... and the 4th of July just can't be fully honored with out red white and blue paraded through out the house! I'm not sure at what point I became decoration obsessed. Growing up we really only decorated for Easter and Christmas... and we put the flag up for the 4th!

My sister Karen had a really good idea, to make a chalk board sign for outside the house and write a different greeting on it for each holiday or event! I really want to try to do that too, maybe even make one for inside the house! She is brilliant! If I had one right now it would say "Happy Harvest!" If I do make one, I'll let you know!

This year I set about trying to Fall-ify our house - while spending little to no money. It looks like I spent $1.56 :) unless you count the little pumpkin on my front porch that was deceptively priced at $0.78 but turned out to be $0.78 a pound! It cost me like $4! I'm still a little bitter....

We got the Joy sign from Neil's Aunt Vicki for Christmas last year, and Neil's mom gave us this sweet little pumpkin and baby corns. I picked up the little pumpkins at walmart because I thought the orange one needed a friend.

I tied fall leaves (another gift from Neil's mom) on my pillar candles, this was inspired by one of the blogs I follow - here

This isn't necessarily autumn-ish, but I put these candles up on the entertainment center.

I bought them for the church (we did a Fireproof series, so I needed some more candles!) but I think I will just not turn in my receipt and keep them now that we are done with them at the church. I like the soft glow they put off. I guess that brings my fall budget up to $4.56 (they were $.50 at walmart). But really, they aren't just a fall item. So I am taking them back off my budget *wink*

Last but not least, when we went to the Rutledge Wilson Farm Fall Festival when Marty was here, he bought me this Fairy Tale Pumpkin! I think it is so beautiful that I had to put it on my back porch so that I can see it every time I go in the living room, instead of on the front porch where I never look *grin*

I really enjoyed this fall decor and I am just as excited about the Christmas decorations! I'll post about them soon :)


Matt and Lori said...

Beautiful beautiful!! I love the fall decor, can't wait to see what you have done for Christmas! :)

Kenny and Karen said...

Oh Julie! Oh!! You always make your house look so warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing all your sweet ideas!

I haven't made my chalk board yet, but I've got a plan in my head *grins*

I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations!

Nicole said...

Hey Julie! Look at this cool "blog" site I found, it's all free! : )

Nicole said...

Hey! No- we don't know what the baby is yet, those updates go back and forth between saying "she" and "he" and I just like the pink flowers because they're cute! : )