Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Good Ol' Fashion Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas Vacation! Here are some pictures from our trip down south.

Neil and Dillon

Spending time with our wonderful parents :)

Apparently it was a little bright in the room.

and at one point, kinda smelly (vinegar I believe).
A big Christmas dinner.

Kip and Spence, oh I mean Dillon and Krystin :)

Christmas Time!

A family of LSU fan's.

and they love the Saints!

And on the way to OKC we stopped to meet Neil's cousin's baby, born just that day!

We had a great trip down south and then headed up to see my folks in OKC! That was a wonderful trip, but I didn't take any pictures :(
You can see photos from the event here or here :) Thank goodness for sisters!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a happy family.

Anonymous said...

Hey, We love your Christmas blogging. The video is so fun, and funny! You might want to feature it again some way when Christmas '10 rolls around this winter.
Other Mom :)

Kenny and Karen said...

OH!! We love love love the feliz navidad video!! So cute :D It's such a blessing to have FUN together!

Thanks for sharing your Oldham Christmas looks like good food, fun and family!