Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today I...

Today I (from last Thursday):

-took a homeless man to Kum & Go

-made a bottle cap into a magnet

-made a Brazilian Lemonade out of limes

- picked out a baby name

- decided we were never having kids

- decided we were definitely having kids....someday

- had a Mexican fiesta

- slow danced with my husband

- watched three episodes of Andy Griffith

- turned on the glorious attic fan to cool the house down and pulled in allergens, then turned off the attic fan and turned on the air filter on HIGH to remove the allergens.

- listened to the rain


Neil said...

one of the most productive people i know!

Debbie Tortorice said...

Julie, you haven't blogged since May 22nd? You're working too much :-)

Debbie Tortorice said...

Oh, yea, I forgot. You are one of th most productive people we know too. :-) no joke.