Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The First Half - Part 1: Weeks 4 & 5

"Now this is the story all about how 
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how....
...I went to the hospital and what happened there"

In case you were wondering, that's the Fresh Prince theme song (minus the hospital part).  If you already knew that, you probably grew up in the 90's :)

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant.  I'm going to try to recap the last 20ish weeks. In several installments. We'll see how wordy I get! ha!

I found out I was pregnant in a hotel in St. Charles, Missouri. We had just narrowly avoided a tornado.  Lets back up a bit.

Neil, Hadley and I loaded up the car (H didn't help much) and headed out on a two week trip.  The first week was in OKC at the Church of God Convention. We stayed with my parents and had a wonderful week! On Friday I started feeling weird, and Saturday, I definitely felt weird.  

We drove up to Springfield, MO and spent the day with old friends.  Sunday I woke up and felt pretty confident that I was pregnant. We were staying with our friend Kimberly and leading worship at LifeQuest that morning, so I just tried to act normal. It was so great to be back at LifeQuest! 

We headed to St. Charles to see Jon and Amanda Simmonds and had dinner with them.  When we left their house, it started to rain, and before we got to our hotel, it was a torrential down pour! The tornado sirens were going off and the radio was telling us we were real close to the heart of the storm! We debated sitting still in the car, or trying to drive out of the line of fire, and decided to make a run for it! We got back to the hotel and the TV showed a tornado right around the neighborhood we had just left (Jon and Amanda were safe).

Once all the excitement was over, I couldn't wait any longer and told Neil I wanted to take a pregnancy test (we had picked one up earlier in the day).  Sure enough, it confirmed we were pregnant - about 4.5 weeks along - on Sunday, June 28th, 2015.

The plan was to leave St. Charles and head to the Smokey Mountains for a camping trip. We started driving out that way, hopeful that I could make it a few more days before getting too sick, since I was 6+ weeks along with Hadley before I got very sick.  However, the combination of morning sickness and carsickness was too much for me.  About 2 hours away from our destination, we decided to call it quits.  That was so disheartening since we were so close! But I knew those two hours equaled several nights on an air mattress and adding 4 hours round trip to our expedition.

When we moved to Louisiana last year, we made it a priority to find an OBGYN that we really liked. We checked around to find someone highly recommended and found an incredible doctor who we love (Dr. P)!  During one of our first visits, I tried to express how sick I was in my first pregnancy, and went ahead and asked her up front if she would feel comfortable prescribing me medication over the phone if I were to be in that situation again.  My last doctor would not prescribe me anything until I visited his office and they were able to confirm I was pregnant.  Dr. P said she thought she would be ok with that, so it set our minds at ease.

So, back to our road trip, I called Dr. P's office and explained that I was pregnant, had a history of Hyperemesis and could they call in a prescription of Zofran for us to pick up on the road.  Here's the bad news -- in the last year a study has come out linking Zofran to birth defects. I've talked to several medical professionals and done some research on my own, and I'm not sure I agree with this study (this blog sums up the way I feel, if you are interested). But, because of this study, Dr. P tries not to give out Zofran if something else will work instead. So the sweet nurse offered me a different medication instead (phenegrin), which I had tried in the past to no avail.  But it was all I had, so I accepted.

We got back home on Wednesday July 1st. Neil and Hadley set up a tent in the back yard to do a little at home camping.  They even roasted marshmallows over a little fire pot! I was pretty jealous, but too nauseous to join in.


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