Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saran Wrap

Wow, sorry it has been so long since I last posted anything, its been a busy few days, recovering from Easter, going to OKC, getting sick and then getting well :)  You would think
 that I would have had plenty of time while I was laying on the couch to blog to my hearts content, which I agree, the time was there, it was a matter of contamination.  You see, Neil has lovingly saran-wrapped all the remotes to the tv, dvd, and receiver to protect them from evil germs.  He even gave me a walmart sack to use as a glove when retrieving dvds from their case!  He is very thoughtful and slightly germaphobic, but not as bad as me.  But its a good
 thing because he has not gotten sick yet either!
Anyway, I didn't have saran-wrap to wrap around the computer, hence the lack of bloginess. Granted, I could have used my "glove" but I just didn't have the heart to.  
Here are the Top Twelve Tid Bits that sum up the last 2 weeks.
1.  We had an amazing Easter party for the "orphans" (that is Barbarians who weren't visiting their parents for Easter), complete with an Easter Egg hunt!

2. The boys were excellent sports and joined in on the hunting and hiding without too much of a fuss.

3. I went to OKC for the weekend while Neil was at the general assembly in St. Louis.  I gave Bryce Neil's April Fools day balloons and they are still inflated!  Thats

4. We celebrated my birthday and I got a Gazelle :)  that is an exercise machine, not an animal. 

5. We went to Kenny and Karen's soccer game and just happened to run in to some other Missorians, Keith's parents!  What are the odds? They were watching Keith's brother who just happens to play on the same team!  They WON! Go Rockets!!

6. If the Rockets were an all girls team they could be called the Rockettes.  Then they could say that they have really great kicks! 

7. Nicole became an AUNT!  Oh and Keith is an uncle too, but not nearly as vocally excited about it as Nicole!! ;) 
8. I got to see my wonderful Aunt Neva and Cousin Carrie for the first time in forever!

9. On the way back to Springfield it was raining and sprinkling and carrying on, and God let me see the MOST amazing rainbow!  It shot straight up into the sky, probably 300 feet!  It was beautiful :)
10. I came back from OKC and immediately got the yuck.  If you need to know what the yuck is please click on the link to my sister Karen's site - April 10th.

11. My amazing husband has been lovingly taking care of me and cooking for me and telling me that I still look pretty even when I'm sick, all week long!

12. Tonight I am achieving a great wifely achievement which is conquering a mountain of laundry, the biggest I've encountered on my marriage adventure!  Wish me luck!


Kenny and Karen said...

You are SO SO cute! I love this idea of a top twelve list! :) That was a fabulous way to catch up!!!!

I'm learning bloggy things from YOU!

I hope your laundry mountain is done in a flash!

Lori said...

I didn't know you were SICK!!! :( I'm glad you are feeling better. The saran wrap thing cracks me up, but it is a pretty smart idea. Wouldn't want those nasty germs hiding down inside the remote or anything!

Are you enjoying your Gazelle?