Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Dandy!

Yesterday was a dandy day :)  I got to spend the whole day with the man of my dreams!  It was such a mild and warm day, just the right day for working outside!  Neil and I went to the Botanical Tree Trail and Nursery and got two trees for our bare front yard!  We decided on an Autumn Blaze Maple and Neil had to have a Colorado Blue Spruce.  Since Blue Spruces can grow to around 60 feet tall, we prudently decided on the Baby Blue *smile*
We borrowed Jon's truck, got them all loaded up and when we got home we set to work!  We called Jon a second time to help us unload the surprisingly heavy trees! We had to strategically place them in between the pipe lines running through our little yard and Neil did several "drive bys" (which consisted of him speed walking past, pretending to be in a car) to make sure that we had them in the right position. 
 Neil started digging and quickly realized that our yard is not made of dirt.  It is mostly rocks bound together with rock hard clay!  So he dug and dug and dug!  All day!  
While he dug, I set to work pulling up the dandelions from our yard.  Believe it or not, there were so many that I was still pulling dandelions after he "jackhammered" through our cement yard!  I pulled two ENTIRE walmart sacks FULL of dandelions!  It was so many that when I closed my eyes later I could clearly see the sprawling shape of those yellow weeds! haha! 
Neil lugged the trees into the hole, then found out that our wire cutters would not cut through the thick wire basket around the rootball!  Jon to the rescue again!  Its so nice to have awesome neighbors!  A saws-all really does saw all!  After Neil removed the wire, I helped fill the wholes back in and we got the trees watered just as the sun was setting!  Whew! just in time :)  

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Kenny and Karen said...

YOU are so cute watering your little trees :)

Wow-eee you DID pull up a bunch of dandelions! Nice work!

Bryce was looking at your blog with me and EVERY SINGLE picture he was like "woooooow!look at that"..."oh, go back, go back" ;)