Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angel Fire

For Memorial Day we went to the mountains of New Mexico with some of our small group friends.  There is just something about being in the mountains, high above a sunlit valley.  Its like the whole earth just seems more calm and still there.  You can hear each bird and showers of aspen leaves blowing in the wind.

The mountains are Neil's favorite place to be.

Neil's uncle has a cabin in Angel Fire and he was so generous to let us stay there!  It was so beautiful, right on the side of the ski slope.

Here are some barbarians :)

Thats Amanda and Jon, Justin and Kimberly, then me and Neil.  I think it was a refreshing and much needed vacation for all of us!  On our first day there we went to Taos, a small town near by.  First we went to the Taos Pueblo which is considered the oldest continuously inhabited community in the US.  

Their adobe buildings were most likely constructed between 1000 and 1450AD.  We met a villager who tried to share her meal with Kimberly, said she thought Justin was cute, and told us her dog's name was "hot dog" and "radar".  We had fun shopping around and taking in the sights.

On Saturday the boys wanted to go fishing, so we girls decided to head to Red River and do some more shopping.

Little did we know that on Memorial Weekend Red River hosts a huge biker rally!  There were SOO many motorcycles!  It was crazy.  

Amanda got slightly stalked by one biker so Kimberly and I had to stay close by.  Then we had a store owner give us some New Mexico Salsa.  (you can barely see it in that last picture, tucked in my arm). We didn't even ask for it or buy anything from his store, he just started talking to us and then ran after us as we were leaving to give us some salsa!  I think that was largely in part to Amanda also.  She is so outgoing, she can have a conversation with anyone!  Way to go for free salsa Amanda! :)

On Sunday the plan was to take the ski lift up to the top of the mountain, have a picnic lunch and hike down.  When we got to the ski lift it looked like this.

See how it just goes white at the top?  That is a cloud.  So we were about to get on the lift and the worker at the bottom gives us this stern speech, "You do realize that it is raining at the top, don't you?  Are you sure that you want to go up?  Do you want a trash bag to wear as a poncho?  Its very cold and wet at the top."  He was a nice man and just trying to look out for us, but he just didn't know how determined we were to hike around on this mountain!  So we started up on the lift and we are literally being encompassed by this cloud!  It was really cool and cold too.  It was raining on us and we were soaked before we even got to the top.  Then we started our descent.

It was too cold to stop and eat our picnic so we just kinda ate as we walked.  We ended up having a good time despite the wet cold.  Now that is the sign of a true barbarian :)

On Monday our friends went their separate ways and Neil's parents arrived!  

We had a great time with them and we ate soo much!  I always have a fun time with them.  I already feel like we are family.

(i was saying, "lets jump when we take this pic" - me looking like a leprechaun is just a bonus *smile*)
We went back to Taos with them to find some pottery bowls for Neil and I and that was the day I ate the biggest meal of my life at my new favorite restaurant, Michael's Kitchen!  I had stuffed sopapillas and ate the ENTIRE huge dish plus another sopapilla with honey for dessert!  I was still full the next morning!

We wrapped up our trip by swinging through OKC for Bryce's birthday party!  It was a great two weeks!

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jonsimzy said...

"Do you know what my dog's name is?" (Crazy Lady)

"Hot dog" (Amanda)

"No...Radar" (CL)

"Let's go puppy" (CL)