Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worship Emphasis Weekend

Neil's parents came in to spend the week with us in the middle of June and that very same day Neil and I were hosting a Worship Team Barbeque!  That weekend was a big worship emphasis weekend and Neil and I were so busy running all over the place.  Randy and Karen were such a HUGE help in getting everything ready and set out. Randy cooked all the meat and it was delicious :)  The barbeque was a success and I think everyone enjoyed it.  

The next night we had a Gospel Homecoming, which is an event our church has each quarter where we sing old Gospel favorites and hymns.  Its a big hit with the older crowd who is not to fond of our contemporary worship style *grin*  Neil and his dad sang two songs together and they make a wonderful duet :)  Neil also sang in a quartet and he turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser when he decided to sing soprano for part of the song!  I didn't know he could sing that high ;)
(Thats Neil - with the guitar - and his dad singing their duet.  I'm in the choir on the very right of the stage)

We had such a fun time getting to spend the week with Randy and Karen.

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