Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fourth of July

Better late than never!  

The fourth of July is just about my favorite holiday!  We always have so much fun, going to the Bethany parade and having a wonderful family lunch, then off to the fireworks show! 

This year was extra special because we celebrated Father's day a little late, 

and.... we had a surprise baby shower for Lisa! 

 Karen hosted it all at her beautiful house.  Her backyard is AMAZING!  Like a resort!  A perfect aqua blue pool backed by a wall of magenta crepe myrtles with a huge patio!  It is wonderful :)

Neil and I got her a Nursing Necklace.  That is a super sturdy, well built, specially designed necklace that babies can play with while they are nursing so that they don't tear out mom's hair, earrings, eyelashes etc. 

Also for her pregnancy celebration Lisa wanted to have a Henna Party!  For those of you who don't know, Henna is a dye that you can get in a paste and then apply to your skin in a design.  It stains your skin for a couple of weeks and slowly fades away.  So all of us girls got some henna!  I painted on Lisa's belly, a shell for Karen Schell, Lisa (and dad) did my back, Lisa did mom's shoulder, and Lisa and Karen did a bird on Lori's shoulder

Here's Lisa with the paste still on.  Isn't she beautiful?! :)  Its really dark and glittery at first while the paste is still on.  It has to stay on your skin for about 24 hours.

Here's me with the paste washed off.  This is the lighter stain that it leaves on your skin.

Here's me and my mom (with her beautiful Henna!  What a cool mom!)  
The flash kinda surprised her in this picture!

What a wonderful weekend!  I love my fantastic family!

(Bryce and "Haha" watching the fireworks.  Bryce pointed at every one and said "Wow!  Look at that!")


Kenny and Karen said...

Awww, Julie! You are too sweet ;) My house doesn't deserve "resort" status yet...hopefully someday.

I love that picture of Dad and Bryce. It's amazing that you can see them AND the fireworks so clearly! Good photography!

Neil and Julie said...

Thanks! I only used photo shop a little bit ;)