Saturday, August 8, 2009

5-Day-Super-Extravaganza-Anniversary Celebration Continued

Early the next morning we headed to the Fish Hatchery!  It was really cool.  They gave us a tour of the whole hatchery that is right by the dam at Table Rock lake.  They had all different sizes of trout at this hatchery.

They sorted the trout by size in different pools.  They had pool after pool of fish!  The trout in this pool (below) were about 10" long.  We got to feed the fish and they just dog piled over each other to get to the food!  The surface of the water looked like it was raining because all the little mouths were trying to get to the food first!

After the hatchery we went to Table Rock lake for a picnic lunch!

I love just sitting with Neil.  We have so much fun just doing nothing!

That afternoon we hit the outlet mall!  Wow we found some good deals and even started on our Christmas shopping!  

After the mall we went to Silver Dollar City!  If you go after 3pm you get the rest of that day and the whole next day for the price of just one day!  

We got there and jumped right on the Wild Fire!  It has all kinds of loops and cork-screws!  I thought I was so tough and even commented to Neil how cool it was that we both enjoy roller coasters!  Well I spoke too soon because as soon as we got off I felt sooo dizzy and then we had to take it easy for the rest of the time!  We only rode one other ride :(  Poor Neil!  He said that next time we will have to go with a couple so that they boys can ride and the girls can just hang out! lol

We saw lots of demonstrations, like glass blowing, knife sharpening and blacksmithing.  We also got to see the magic show, some cloggers and a cajun band!  We had a really fun time and made some wonderful memories for our first anniversary :)

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be!
(this sign says come, but its wrong! lol)

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