Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On August 21st we got to meet a very special little man, Griffin "George" Presley Looper :)

He was born on August 16th and weighed 8 lbs!  Neil and I got to go down and see him when he was a week old.  
He was born on a Sunday morning and Neil and I were practicing for the worship service.  I heard my phone go off, and then someone called and I thought something was up.  I went to check my phone and Bart had texted me, "Its time!"  I texted him back to tell him that we would be praying and he wrote right back saying, "He's here! He is wonderful" :)  what a proud father! 

My dad was in Mexico when Griffin was born so we got to meet him on the same day.  It was so special to see my dad hold Griffin, his second grandson.  He had me and Lisa both crying, just out of the overflow of emotion!

I love being an aunt :)  Its so cool to have two awesome nephews and I can't wait to have more!


Anonymous said...

Griffin George (I mean Presley) is such a good baby. I love him and his big brother Bryce.

Kenny and Karen said...

Those are some sweet pictures of you and Neil holding Griffin :) It looks pretty natural...*wink, wink* I'M ready for another niece or nephew ;)