Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'd like to share a couple pictures with you that make me blissfully happy :) They are just random pictures from over the years that always make me smile, every time I see them!

Neil and Marty at Bass Pro posing like a polar bear! I couldn't get my camara to take this picture so I kept having to take it over and over, probably 3 times at least! And people would just stop and look at these crazy boys acting like bears! I had to coerce them to keep posing so I could get this awesome shot!

Neil and I on our honeymoon at the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Our waiter offered to take our picture and then gave us these awesome hats to wear!

Me and two of my best friends Amanda and Kimberly in Taos, New Mexico. We are trying to make the same face as that Indian Statue :)

This is me and incredible Emily, (aka Captain Slow Jack) one of my Sunday School students from OKC.

Me and my father in law. I believe the correct caption for this photo should be "let's jump when we take this picture!" LOL I'm laughing right now!! and Neil just said "you are a messy girl! I can hardly do anything with all this laughing" See, I'm not lying when I say that these pictures make me happy!

A ping pong tournament, see how competitive my mom is? Karen is all sweet and doesn't realize she is playing with a hard core partner! Well, maybe Karen is growling a little bit!

Here is my sweet bee boo, Bryce! I love this picture, see his soft cheeks!

I hope at least one of these photos brought you a grin!

P.S. there is also a great one of my dad with with two fully loaded waterguns that keeps coming to mind, but alas I do not have it on my computer! Those of you who have seen it can think of it and smile :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs, Julie! R&K

Anonymous said...

Julie, you're so uninhibited, I can barely contain myself! ;o)