Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pizza Making

This week I decided to try my hand at Pizza making. I was inspired by Karen who gave me this recipe.

Neil was working on an outdoor project (pictures to come) so I thought it was a good night for a late dinner. I had so much fun making the dough! It was my first time working with yeast and it was so exciting to me to watch it rise. The dough took a lot more flour than I was expecting, but I had so much fun kneading it together. It was like playdough!

Here is my dough after it had risen for 1 hour. It is more than double the size that it started! Neil was excited about this creative dinner because he used to work at a pizza place in college. I stood back so he could show me his skills :)
Here he is punching out the air bubbles from the middle, but saving the bubbles in the crust so that it would puff up. I was worried that George might get polluted with flour so I took precautions!now comes the fancy part!

It was huge! and Num Yummy! See how it covers up all four ranges on our stove? We used a ton of toppings, pepperoni, artichoke hearts, pinapple, mushrooms, red onions and green chilis! If you are looking for a fun dinner at home I would highly recommend this recipe.
(note: don't use spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce, and buy enough pizza cheese that you don't have to resort to Mexican fiesta cheese! Just two things I will know to do differently next time!)


Kenny and Karen said...

ALRIGHT Julie and Neil!! This is awesome :) I just knew you'd enjoy that pizza recipe!

Neil you need to come give me pizza throwing lessons, I had to resort to a rolling pin *laughs*

It sure looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to try out the Julie & Neil Pizzeria! We hope it'll still be open for business in July. Love, R&K

Matt and Lori said...

Bahaha i love George's "roof" :) Also, Neil's pizza tossing is pretty impressive. Looks like a fun night, I am excited to see pics of the outside project as well!