Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Time 1 - shed

Neil was a busy guy this summer! He did quite a few projects outside our house.

But first, here are the amaryllis bulbs I bought last year, then had to unceremoniously un-pot in a hurry in the fall due to a surplus of pansies that had to be planted the night before we were leaving for Florida and we had run out of room to plant! So I threw the amaryllis bulbs out of their pots and tossed them in the garage and forgot about them. I found them this spring and stuck them in this bigger pot not knowing what to expect...

But they did great!

Now, on to the outdoor projects! Here is Neil removing the "Big Ugly". That is our huge grass thing that was taking over our flower bed. I have seen these ornimental grasses look nice in certain settings but ours was not one of those settings! The rain and snow would fall off the roof and weight the whole thing down. Plus it was just too big for that spot. So Neil decided to dig it up. This was not as easy as it sounds. It had sturdy roots...roots which had consumed the soaker hose going through our flower bed. He hacked at it with the shovel, until the shovel broke, then he tied it to a truck and tried to pull it out and the rope broke! We finally heaved and rocked it together and got that guy out of there!

Here is Neil looking so triumphant! See the soaker hose coming out of the roots?

He also got a real lawn mower this year, instead of the reel lawn mower he had last year.
Much improved :)

After that he had to make a new home for it. I call it a patio, he calls it a shed.

Ta Da! Isn't he so skilled :)

It has a fiber glass roof to keep the rain off and it also houses our wheel barrow! Great job Neil!


Neil said...

hey, you need to change the date on this so people will know it's new :) i love you, sweet julie ann!

Kenny and Karen said...

HEY!! You guys have done a lot of awesome projects! Everything looks great :)