Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Neil!

Dear Neil,

You mean the world to me! I can hardly believe we met when you were just 25 ;)

Here is the picture that started it all! I used to pull up this picture almost every day and dream of you messaging me :) I didn't know then just what incredible qualities you have!

Like a wonderful sense of fashion,

or how you make me feel so safe and content.

You have an incredible sense of humor and you are a great sport! You always know how to make me smile :)
I think you are the best boy in the entire world.
I count myself lucky to be called your girl,

and I know I will feel that way everyday for the rest of my life.

I love you Neil, and I hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday:)

love, Julieann

p.s. you make me smile :)


Kenny and Karen said...

Awww, super sweet post Julie! I love looking back at those old pictures too :) I betcha Kenny and Neil never imagined they'd be brothers *winks*

Neil, I hope you have a great birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! you both make me smile. I know Neil you have had a wonderful Birthday and will have many many more.
Love You

Anonymous said...

Love you too Julie!!
Love MoM