Thursday, June 14, 2012

19 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Total Weight Gain: minus 5 lbs - somehow I thought I had gained 5 pounds since last week!  That's a lot to gain in one week, so I was a little relieved to find out I've only gained 2 - that's better, slow and steady.

Baby Size: Mango (about 6 in, 8.5 oz.)  - haha this reminds me of when I was so sick, and Neil's cousin told him that she basically lived on mangoes while she was pregnant because they were the only thing that sounded good to her.  Now, Neil hates mangoes, but I love them, so he sacrificed and bought one for me.  I guess (since he hates them) he had never peeled one before, so he was unaware of the huge seed inside (is that a seed? or a pit? anyway its huge).  So he went to peeling it and it got all slippery and shot off the counter.  Luckily he caught it with his body, getting mango all over his shirt.  The next time he wasn't so lucky.  He hit the seed and the mango ended up skittering across the floor.  He washed it off and wiped up the floor, but must have missed some - that he ended up stepping in!  By the time he brought me the mango, he was covered in it - on his shirt, on his foot and in his hair!

Maternity Clothes: I bought my first pair of maternity jeans this week!  They just arrived today and I'm excited to try them out.  I also found another pair of old jeans that still fit.  I need to do a closet inventory once I'm leaving the house more often, because its becoming slightly frustrating to find clothes that still fit and look good.

Gender: Still thinking boy, deep down in my gut.  But I have started referring to the baby as "her" to counteract the boy bias-ness.

Movement: I felt a ton of movement this week.  I was pretty sick on Wednesday and spent the day on the couch.  This provided me with a lot of down time to focus on my stomach.  I don't know if I just didn't notice the little butterfly/bubbles stage or what, but this is like the baby is doing a BIG stretch and all of a sudden there is a lot of pressure on my stomach, usually on one side or the other, like the baby is just puuuushing out.  Its usually pretty slow, not a fast kick.  I think Neil could have felt it if he was in the right place at the right time. 
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good!  I'm shocked at how many pillows it takes to properly prop up my whole body!
What I miss: I miss Neil.  When I was sick, he worked from home at least half the day, and sometimes the whole day!  It was glorious!  He was usually in the other room, but I could yell to him "I love you!" and he would holler back :)  And he would bring me drinks and snacks and give me sweet pats. Its just nice having another person in the house.  Right now is kinda a busy season for him and he works late, has lots of night meetings and usually works on the weekend too.  But he always makes sure to text me or call me or send me sweetie emails.  Baby and I are so lucky to have him! 
Cravings: I can't seem to get enough milk lately.  I usually like to start the day with Ovaltine and end up drinking a couple more glasses of plain milk with meals and with my ice cream ;) And I always crave ice cream.
Other crazy symptoms: I can't sit down without saying "ooohhh" :)  And my tail bone seems sensitive, I have to be careful sitting too long, or else sit on a cushion.

Best Moments this week: Neil took me on a date on Friday!  We celebrated my birthday (finally).  He got me some pearl earrings, a Catherine Marshall book titled "Julie", and a gift certificate to take a painting class with a Bob Ross certified instructor!  So exciting!  We also went to see the Avengers and he got me a big bucket of popcorn :)

I went to church again Sunday, and also to our ice cream social Sunday night "I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing for Ice Cream!".  It was so much fun!  A beautiful summer evening.  I love being around my church family again.  Everyone is so excited about the baby and is super encouraging.  

Oh Yeah: The belly bump is finally showing so I think I will start posting pictures next week :)

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