Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning and Fish Cleaning

Well, here is our first blog post!  I was inspired to start a blog because of my sister Karen, who is constantly adding posts about her exciting everyday life!  I love to read them, so I decided that I could start one too, and let everyone who doesn't live in Missouri see a little bit more about our day to day adventures :)   
Neil woke up at O'dark thirty to go fishing with the guys!  He left at 5:30 and its 12:30 now, so 
I hope he is catching some good fish!  He asked me yesterday if I knew how to clean a fish! Haha, I got a good laugh from that one *grin*  Neil is the gourmet chef at our house, so he spent the evening looking up fish recipes.  I'll let you know how how it goes...
In the meantime I'm trying to get the house cleaned up before he gets home.  We had our small group over on Sunday evening and the house was PRISTINE.  I mean perfect!!  So it stayed that way on Monday and Tuesday morning, and then I got to thinking, how nice it would be to have the whole house so wonderfully clean! And that meant tackling our office which is actually a craft room, sewing room, music recording room and office!  So when Neil got home on tuesday the office had exploded and the living room was the main recipient of the damage :/  But it was well worth the week of wading through paper, feathers and glitter to get from the hall to the kitchen because now everything is (almost) organized!  It feels so nice!

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