Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day!  Not only is it a friendly greeting the day before my birthday, but it is a welcome sign of spring and in my younger days, springbreak *sigh*  And it celebrates the color green, which in my opinion is far superior to other colors *grin* (my husband would tell you otherwise, but thats beside the point...)  Today I wore my "You Sham-rock my world" shirt and green socks and green eyes and Neil and I both put on a St. Patricks Day tattoo!  Thats one of my favorite things about Neil, he is so much fun and never too cool to join me in little things that make me happy *smile* Mine says Happy St. Patty's Day and Neil's is a little leprechaun.  He bought them for me for my birthday last year, and I was anticipating getting to wear them this year!  
Are you ready for my St. Patrick's Day joke?  What do you call an Irishman who stays out all night?

.....Patty O' Furniture! Hahaha! I love it.  An old man who was wearing an outfit that coordinated perfectly with his wife's told me that when I complimented them on their attire :)  and it wasn't even St. Patrick's day when he shared it with me, but I knew right then that he was my kind of people! lol  I'm excited for tomorrow, or whenever we celebrate my birthday because Neil keeps saying little things and dropping clues that he really has something neat planned!  He is always so thoughtful and makes me feel like a princess everyday, but especially on my birthday. What a man what a man what a mighty mighty good man *wink* 

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