Saturday, September 5, 2009


The "Griffin" weekend was full of fun!  I got to hang out with Brycer a lot.  He is four years old and quick as a whip!

Bryce really likes being a big brother, Lisa said that he was showing Griffin all of his books :)  If you ask Bryce what his brother's name is he said, "its Griffin George".  Now he's got me saying that! People ask what my nephew's name is and I'm like, "Griffin Geor-... Presley lol!"

Bryce is such a sweet sweet boy.  One time he was sitting on my lap and I was just squeezing him and loving him and I said, "MMmmm! Why do you feel so good?"  he squeezed me right back and said, "why do you feel so good?" :)  I love my nephews!

Bryce took this picture of us:

That weekend we also celebrated Neil's birthday with my family!  We had a really good time and Neil got just what he wanted: a dashboard confessionals cd, the new Hillsong dvd, some LSU cups, a gorilla pod for his camara and a heaping handful of 2 dollar bills!  


Anonymous said...

Hey "Super Hero" have you spent those two dollar bills yet?
Freda (MoM)

Lori said...

Had fun with you guys!! Can't wait to see you again this weekend Joes :) Hope you two have been enjoying the new CD!


Neil and Julie said...

Thanks! We had fun too :) Neil loves his LSU glasses! He used them this week and I asked him if I could put them in the dishwasher and he said no! He said he would handwash them because he wanted to logo to for sure stay on! :)

Neil said...

We spent those 2 dollar bills on a new TV :) It's awesome! The CD is great, too, Lori...we had listened to it some before but I finally got around to putting it on my computer today and I've been listening to it over and over all day! Thanks so much for all the wonderful things y'all gave me :)