Saturday, September 5, 2009


When we came back from the nephew weekend our church had a very big event; the launch of small groups!  We are calling them Transformation Groups because that is part of our church's mission statement (connecting people to Christ in a way that leads to life transformation).  So for the launch we had a TGTG or Transformation Group Tail Gate!  This was a crazy day for Neil.  He is the staff liaison to the Growing team (who is in charge of the entire ministry) and that team had put in soo many countless hours of preparation to make this event special and to make sure that the transformation groups will be a ministry of excellence.  So on this Sunday it just happened to work out that Neil was leading worship, preaching and then emcee-ing the TGTG event!  Talk about a busy morning!  Amanda made him this name tag :)
Right after church the congregation was invited to come out on the church lawn for a burger picnic.  After fellowshiping at lunch, we headed inside to sign up for a transformation group.  There were a lot of different types of groups for different ages and interests.  To start off we have 8 groups but we are planning to add more as more leaders step up.
Amanda put in so much time organizing this event and thinking of every little detail!  She did an amazing job and it was such a success!  Through this event our church completed one of our huge goals which was to have 100 adults in a small group by the fall of 2009 and at the end of this day we had 92 signed up and we are expecting to get the other 8 from adults who couldn't attend this event.  Great job team! 

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Kenny and Karen said...

Good job meeting your goal!! God IS good!! :) And it sounds like Neil WAS a super hero! I would have had a panic attack meltdown if I was in charge of so much all on the same day...whew! It's a good thing he has you to lean on ;) You guys are a GOOD team!