Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nusery Update

 I realize I haven't talked much about the nursery yet!  Here are our two main inspiration photos:

 The walls are already a tan color (Cymric Silver by Ralph Lauren) and we are using mostly white furniture.  The color pallet will resemble the picture on the right (hopefully)!  Lots of cream, tan and white, with little pops of purple, green, yellow and even some blue.

Neil took advantage of our friend Marty coming to town - with his wife Kelly! Love them :) - and got to work setting up the crib!  What an exciting time!


 I couldn't resist putting my "Sarah" doll in there.  I even went to check on her a couple times ;)

Here is the book shelf Neil painted for the nursery - white on the outside and clover green on the inside!  He also worked really hard painting and distressing the dresser which is white with hints of purple.  I'd show you a picture of that, but its storming today and my pictures look terrible.  I'll try to post again soon with my wall stencil as well!

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Karen said...

JULIE!! The nursery is looking great!! Your crib is just adorable and the book shelf looks super cute. I can't wait to see it in person with a precious little BABY in there :)

Is that the exact stencil you are doing? It looks really nice, I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job!

Baby is going to feel right at home in there!

We love you!!!