Monday, October 5, 2009

"Deuce" of Cakes

I tried my hand a cake decorating this weekend!  My friend Kimberly's birthday is tuesday so we made a cake for her!  I started mixing together the ingredients and half way through discovered that I only had 2 eggs, instead of 3!  I quickly put the entire mixing bowl in the fridge and made a mad dash to the store for the eggs.  Well anyone who knows me knows that I did not stay on task and just get the eggs and leave.  No I decided to get a few things while I was there, which turned into getting my whole list, and picking out candle holders!  Wow!  Talk about easily sidetracked!  Anyway, I did finally make it back home and I finished the cake.  I don't have any round cake pans, and I only have one square one and since I didn't want to bake the cake twice and wait for it to cool, I just made one sheet cake, cut it in half and stacked it up!  I thought it turned out pretty cool to be rectangle, plus it fit wonderfully on my rectangle tray!  So while it might not be "Ace of Cakes" quality, I was still pleased with my first real cake decorating experience.  Happy Birthday Kimberly! You are the best :)


Kenny and Karen said...

WOW!! Julie! That is amazing :) You could start your own business!!
One time I made Kenny a victory cake that said "Go Titans" ....except I spelled Titans wrong (Titians) :(

Go Tie-Shins lol, I wiped that extra "I" off and he loved it just the same ;)

Lori said...

Aw Julie your cake is super cute! Way to go! Start practicing now, maybe i will hire you to do my wedding cake someday ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I see some henna-dots in there! verrrr niiice!