Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Flowers

This past weekend my wonderful parents came to visit, and Lori too!  I was so excited to get to see them, and for the three of them to get to see our house!  It felt so weird to buy a house without getting "approval" from my parents.  They are always involved in all my big decisions, and I have been waiting for the chance for them to "approve" our house!  They came up friday and spent the whole weekend with us.  Luckily for us, they did approve of our house, and really seemed to like it.  They helped us with so many little (and big!) 
items on our "honey do" list, like unsticking stuck doors, sewing patches on our jeans, and they even bought us flowers and flower pots to landscape our yard for fall!  What a wonderful surprise!  We got two large flower pots to go underneath each window in the front yard, and pansies to fill those, plus the big bed in the back. We had soo many flowers that we almost didn't fit all of us and them in the car!  It was like a botanical garden on the ride home!  

Our backyard looks so cheerful and pretty, and they say pansies are frost resistant and will last through the winter!  It so nice to look out the window and see beautiful shades of purple, white and yellow instead of a big dirt area!  Neil and I also planted some bulbs last week and two crepe myrtles.  So if our pansies make it through the winter, the bulbs should come up in the spring and we will just be set!  I'll have to add some "after" pictures later.  My sweet family spent their vacation time helping us plant the flowers in the back yard, but Neil and I just planted the rest in the front yard pots.  We had such a wonderful weekend, I wish that my family and my Oldham family could see each other every weekend :)


Anonymous said...

These are great picture. I'm impressed, the guys got all those flowers in the car plus five of us, plus two big pots and two big bags of mulch. WOW. We had a good time. I'm going to go practice Mexican Train so I can beat Nel. That is my goal!!!!!!! haha
Love ya MoM

Anonymous said...

Oops I mean Neil. I do know how to spell your name. I just don't know how to type evidently.
still love ya though. MoM

Kenny and Karen said...

Oh oh oh, your flowers look SO beautiful!! I bet you enjoy them and think about your family every time you see them!

It looks like you guys had a great time! *grins*

Matt and Lori said...

Hello there! Matt and I started a blog! Just wanted to let you know :) We have a post pretty much just like this one haha.

I'm glad we got to come see you guys! We had such a great time. I'm still thinking about that Andy's pumpkin pie ice cream! YUM!