Monday, October 12, 2009

Follow Up

Well we got our guts up and invited two neighbors.  One lives next door to us and is a news anchor so we invited him since we thought he might be intrigued that we were having news anchors coming to speak!  When we got to his house he could only crack the door open because Fred his beagle was about to escape!  So we talked through a cracked door, him hunched over holding on to Fred's collar, me and Neil trying to stoop to match his height, while not looking stupid for bending over for no reason!
I don't think we freaked him out (we tried to play it real cool) but he didn't seem super interested either.  We also invited our backyard neighbors.  They just got a new tiny poodle puppy and so Tulia kinda dominated our visit experience.  But we did invite them and they seem hopeful!
So when Sunday morning rolled around I wasn't too surprised when neither one of them ended up coming.  That's ok, hopefully we at least planted  seed.  And now they can't say that they don't come to church because no one has ever invited them!
I think the event was a success, we had about 20% higher attendance than normal and the guest speakers did a great job!  Neil's worship service was so powerful to me, he ended the worship set with "Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone", and I started crying when I heard all the voices around me singing out in beautiful harmony so loud! It is rare that our congregation sings louder than the mic-ed voices on stage, but this time was was no competition (and we even had our "powerhouse" team on stage)!  It was such a cool "God" moment and I really enjoy those times of overwhelming corporate worship.  
God is so incredible that He can take a time of Worship, which is supposed to be a time of me pouring out my heart and love and gratitude as a blessing to Him, and make it a blessing to me.

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Kenny and Karen said...

You're so cute! I LOVE those moments of pure worship :D

I bet your seeds will grow more than you'll ever know. That was brave of you to make an effort!

Love you guys!