Thursday, May 10, 2012

14 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain: minus 13 lbs

Baby Size: Fist Size

Maternity Clothes: I've rediscovered my robes!  A bit of a cold front came through this week (by that I mean it only gets up to 70 each day which means I have to wear a jacket when I sit on the swing b/c I'm a weenie) so I have been snuggling in my plush white Christmas robe each morning.  I also have a short silky summertime robe that I use quite a bit.

Gender: I have NO idea!  On the same day this week, Neil and I both separately came to the realization that we are so overjoyed to be having a child, we will be ecstatic with either a boy or a girl.  I guess we knew that all along, we were just caught up in curiosity and our need to know what it is right now! It was a soothing thought, compared to the back of my mind worries like "what if I don't know what to do with a boy" or "what if this girl is a crazy as I was in middle school?" 
We should find out sometime around Father's Day - in around 6 or 7 weeks.  In the mean time, its still fun to guess though ;) 

Movement: Not yet! I've laid really still at night a few times to see if I could feel something, but nothing yet.  I've got a few more weeks to go.
Sleep: I'm still guilty of couch sleeping.  I'm trying to get better at this because Neil hates going to be by himself.  He cleans up all my left over drink glasses from the day, gets me some new water, takes my caddy of medicine and electronics into the room for me, refills and turns on my humidifier and leaves my lamp on so I can find my way to bed!  And how do I repay him?  By dragging my way to bed hours after he's fallen asleep (having to deal with my lamp light shining in his eyes), and then waking up hours before him in the morning and staring at him and kissing him until he rolls over!  Poor man!
What I miss: I had a bit of a panic last night wondering if I would remember how to put on make up and fix my hair.  Seriously people, its been 7 weeks.  And its probably been 3 weeks since I've even brushed my hair.  The last time I remember that happening was when my mom was here and she brushed it for me.  I think I need to try a little harder, but its hard enough to take a shower and wash my hair.  Plus its so short it pretty well falls into place, so I can just run my fingers through it.  I'm not entering any beauty competitions, and Neil still tells me I'm lovely, so I guess we are doing ok!
Cravings: Never in my life have I craved a cold cut sandwich like I have been this week - which of course would be the case once I'm not supposed to eat them.  My mom makes the best sandwiches.  There seems to be something magical about her's because even when I make them the same way with the same ingredients, they never taste as good as when I get a bite of her's.  
I've also been eating a lot of fruit compote this week, which is an invention of my father-in-law.  You heat up frozen mixed berries, then add plain (or in my case french vanilla) yogurt and walnuts.  He adds honey too, but I don't since I use the sweetened yogurt.  Oh it is so good!  All creamy and fresh and warm and crisp from the nuts.  Its also good cold if you thaw the berries first.

Other crazy symptoms: I don't seem to be able to monitor my temperature well.  I get hot flashes and cold swings all the time - hence the robes.  I've also been really frigid at night, which it has been cooler here lately - in the 40's - and with my humidifier blowing on me I get extra chilled.  So I've started putting my big fluffy robe on over my quilt like an extra blanket, while Neil sleeps with only the sheet and his quilt thrown aside in the middle of the bed.  Well the other night I forgot to bring my big comfy robe back from the living room, and I got so cold during the night with only my thin quilt.  There was Neil's quilt in the middle of the bed - like it had been all week - so I pulled it over me as well.  Wouldn't you know it, that was the night HE woke up cold and wanted it!  But after discovering that I was using it, he didn't take it back!  He just snuck his toes under and suffered through!  When I asked him the next morning why he didn't take it back, since I had two quilts and he had none, he said - well we have to keep the mama and the baby warm!  He is one in a million!!

Best Moments this week: I have had two really good days in a row!  That is HUGE for me!  I've also been able to hug Neil like a normal person this week, instead of side hugs or me laying down while he hugs me goodbye, or me hunch-backing around while he tries to hug me.  Sometimes I stand on the fireplace to hug him (or I used to) so we would be the same height.  I did that this week and he declared that my belly was poking him!  I don't think I'm really showing yet, but my belly is very hard!  Apparently he can tell a difference, and that is encouraging :)


Anonymous said...

This blog is so funny. I am happy you are having some good days. I hope you feel better and better. Neil is so great! treating you like the Queen I think you are.
Love you

Nicole said...

Love it, love it, love it, I just love it all! I love reading your updates, you write like you talk so I feel like you're telling me in person! : )
I'm glad you're feeling better, 2 days in a row is awesome!! I can't wait to see you & your bump, hopefully soon! : )

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Ooops, sorry for all the comments! I got impatient & hit the button, apparently 3 times! Sorry! : )

Karen said...

Yay!!! I'm excited to see a picture :) You're looking cute as always. I'm so glad you're starting to feel a little better, 14 weeks was definitely a turning point for me. Keep up the good work growing this little baby!!

Love you!