Monday, May 7, 2012

13 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Total Weight Gain: minus 15 lbs
Baby Size: Peach

Maternity Clothes: I'm so comfy in pajamas lol.  This warm weather is very nice too - I hate being cold!

Gender: Started thinking about baby girls A LOT this week.  I don't know if I've quite convinced myself that we are having one, but its been on my mind!

Movement: Not yet!
Sleep: I'm sleeping really good.  Its been raining a lot, and I always sleep deeply when it rains.  I've started falling asleep on the couch again around 9:00, then dragging myself to bed sometime after midnight.
What I miss: This week I missed Karen's baby shower.  I was too sick to feel like going shopping, so my sister Lori offered to let me go in on a diaper bag with her and she took care of the rest!  It was such a relief for me.  Then the day of the shower Neil said, oh no, we didn't pick out a present for Kenny and Karen!  I said, yes I did, we got them a diaper bag.  He was surprisingly disappointed that he didn't get to help consult with the gift.  Ordinarily he wouldn't care about baby gifts, but since he is such good friends with Kenny, it was more important to him.  So he went online and sent them a 2nd gift so he could have a part in it! - he is so thoughtful :)  Congratulations Karen and Kenny!  We can't wait to meet McKenna!
Cravings: Neil made this incredible chicken tetrazzini and I have been eating that about 7 times a day!  Its the first time that I've asked for seconds and even thirds!  Chicken tetrazzini reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, Rangers of Brownstone park.  Here's a clip its kind of a long clip, but it brings back so many memories for me!  The part I'm referring to begins around 4:15.

Other crazy symptoms: Neil got me some lemon drops that I've been sucking on morning, noon and night.  It has really helped the coughing a lot! I've still got a super heightened sense of smell, I'm wondering if this will last for the whole pregnancy, or if it will fade with the nausea (I hope!).

Best Moments this week: Sitting outside on the porch swing - I don't go outside a whole lot nowadays and I really miss going for walks in this beautiful weather. 

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