Thursday, May 24, 2012

16 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Total Weight Gain: minus 12 lbs.  I was a little concerned that I'm not gaining weight yet, but my Dr said the baby is growing just fine and right on track.  He said I would probably start gaining weight soon.

Baby Size: Avocado

Maternity Clothes: Just one pair of pants.  I would probably need a couple more if I was getting out of the house much.

Gender: Still thinking boy!

Movement: Not yet, but could be any time now!
Sleep: Sleeping is still going good.  I have been trying to sleep on my side all along, because I have just heard that it is better.  But I was reading this week that if you aren't already sleeping on your side, week 16 is the turning point to end the back sleeping.  Back sleeping puts extra pressure on the blood supply going to the baby, and can deprive them of nutrients, endangering the baby's well-being! Woah!  So of course ever since then I've been extra cautious about it, and now I can't get comfortable on my side and only want to lay on my back - which causes a lot of tossing and turning. 
What I miss: Jumping up and doing whatever I want.  After my doctor appointment yesterday Neil and I made a quick trip to walmart.  No big deal right? Wrong.  In the last three months I have made exactly 3 trips out of the house that weren't doctor related.  Two trips to church, and one to buy a dresser for the baby off craig's list (I must have been having a really good day).  This was my first trip out of the house all month, and my first time to go to walmart since March.  I started out strong - it felt so good to be back in the real world!  We even walked through the baby section and I almost teared up!  My first time seeing all those sweety tiny baby things and actually having a need for them!  
After shopping for a bit longer, I had to ask Neil to walk slower, and slower... my legs just didn't want to work.  I was tempted to sit in the cart!  Finally Neil started dashing down the aisles to grab our stuff, leaving me at the end so we could hurry up our shopping and get out of there!  After we got home I just stayed on the couch all night, and today my legs and feet are sore.  Who knew walmart was such a workout!?
Cravings: Minestrone soup - I've been eating that quite a bit.  Sometimes with a grilled cheese!  I hope I will start wanting fresh vegetables again soon because I really enjoy crisp salads in the summer time!

Other crazy symptoms:  I've been having quite a bit of lower abdomen cramping as things stretch out and get bigger.

Oh yeah: I've officially got "the baby brain".  I triple checked my appointment card for my doctor's visit yesterday and it clearly read 2:40.  It was even posted right on the fridge so I couldn't miss it.  I started getting ready real early because I didn't want to be late.  Then, about 1:50 I saw a different reminder card in our room.  It read "5-23-12, 1:00".  I read it again.  Then again.  I counted up the months and sure enough 5=May.  Then I thought, why do I have two reminder cards for May?  I raced to the kitchen to check the other card and as I did I heard my cell phone chirping that I've missed a call.  My heart sank.  Sure enough, when I get to the kitchen the reminder on the fridge is for April.  Boooo.  If we had to reschedule this appointment then it would push back our much anticipated ultrasound visit next time as well.

We quickly called the doctor's office and they were very kind and understanding and they said, come on in, we will squeeze you in anyway!  Whoohooo!

Best Moments this week: Oh my gracious - soo many good moments this week
- Amanda and Kimberly came by for a visit - and brought Andy's custard!
- Neil took me for a (short) walk in the neighborhood (branching out from our loops around the backyard!)
- I painted my nails
- I fixed my hair and did my make up and wore a skirt to my dr's apt!!  Neil said I looked so good, the dr probably wouldn't give me a new prescription for my medicine - haha
- Hearing the baby's heart beat again :)  still in the 150's.  The baby was moving around a lot this time and the nurse had to work to keep up with the heart beat!
- Neil put out three bird feeders for me to watch the happy activity in the back yard!  We have so many pretty birds here, bright yellow finches, happy rosy robins, little hopping sparrows, cooing doves and every once in a while a hint of a red cardinal!

- I've been working on getting ready for our "gender reveal extravaganza!" Since we didn't get to announce our pregnancy in the fun way I wanted, we are trying to do some fun things for the gender reveal.  We are hoping to send a special surprise in the mail to Neil's parents and grandparents, run down to OKC and have a little party, then have a party/hangout/summer dinner here in Springfield with our friends.  Watermelon may or may not be involved. 
All this "It's a Boy/It's a Girl" planning has me and Neil quoting this old commercial:

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Karen said...

I bet your new pillow will help with the side sleeping. The one Kenny got me for Christmas makes it really nice :)

Love your bumpdates, keep 'em coming!