Thursday, May 17, 2012

15 Week Bumpdate

 How Far Along: 15 weeks

Total Weight Gain: minus 14 lbs

Baby Size: Apple

Maternity Clothes: Not so much.  I have convinced myself I am getting a little belly though.

Gender: I still think we are having a boy, but I can't stop thinking about ruffles and bow and little girl toes!

Movement: Not yet!
Sleep: I sleep great! 
What I miss: Eating whatever is in front of me.  I never considered myself a picky/finicky eater.  But now-a-days it seems like only one thing sounds good and I rarely know what it is.  I just know I'm hungry.  Which lets me and Neil play a fun (not) little guessing game.
Cravings: I've been eating ice cream everyday.  And raisin bread.

Other crazy symptoms: Lots of headaches.  I think they stem from clenching my jaw unconsciously.  I also think its crazy that I usually wake up feeling good and spend most of the day feeling ok - its the evenings that give me trouble.  I guess I have evening sickness.  And there are days of all day sickness.  But those are starting to thin out I think!

Best Moments this week: Celebrating Mother's Day!  I'll tell you a secret, Neil bought me a Mother's Day present last year! Just because he is a sweetie. It was a bird feeder.  Some people may not think you should celebrate mother's day until the baby is actually here, but Neil has always been in the habit of spoiling me.  And this year he said I am already doing hard work making this baby.  He got me a luxurious body pillow - something I've been wanting :) and some hanging baskets for me to enjoy through the window while I am couch bound. Neil's parents sent me a Target gift card (maternity clothes here I come!). I also got some beautiful flowers from my sweet friend Nicole and Amanda brought us dinner!  I have the best family and friends!


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Karen said...

Yay! Your flowers and hanging pots look gorgeous :) I'm glad you had a happy mothers day!

I bet you ARE getting a little belly, you'll be such a cute preggo and little momma!

Love you!