Thursday, July 12, 2012

23 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs (or 17 from my lowest low)

Baby Size:
Grapefruit (Average size: 10.5 inches (from head to toe), 12.7 oz.)

Maternity Clothes:
All I want to wear are dresses and skirts.  Which makes it hard to wear super comfortable shoes.  Tennis shoes and a dress are not the most cute...

But on another note, I got my hair cut!  It is similar to the blonde girl on the far ends of these pictures. She is looking pretty cute with her little headband on - I may have to try that!

Girl, Girl, Girl!! Its a sweetie little Girl!

Movement: Lots of kicks and wiggles.  Neil felt a couple more kicks this week :)  She has started kicking more frequently and strongly.  Its so much fun to share her little movements with Neil.

Sleep: Doing good sleeping.  I would like to run a straw from my humidifier directly to my nose.  It feels like I can't get enough of that cool moist air!

Cravings: I had to restrain myself from buying Oreo's at the store the other day.  Seriously we went down the aisle and I pick up like 3 different bags, then put them each back, then got sucked back down the aisle a 2nd time!  I ended up leaving the store with Barnum's Animal Crackers and Neil congratulated me on making a "better choice" haha!

Other crazy symptoms: The baby brain has set in full force.  Luckily it hasn't affected my work much (I make an insane amount of notes to keep from missing anything!).  But I frequently can't grasp words or stop mid sentence bc I've forgotten what I was going to say.

Case & Point 1: I realized we needed to add Caffeine Free Coke to the list (yes I know I should only be drinking water, but sometimes you just gotta have a coke.  Like with pizza)  So I went to write it on the list and couldn't find the list.  So I hunted around for a while and finally found the list and a pen.  Then couldn't remember what I was going to write.  So I walked all over the kitchen and finally remember that it was the coke.  But by that time I was in the other room and found something else that needed to be added.  Needless to say only one of those things ended up on the list!

Case & Point 2: I made a whole list of things to talk to my boss about at our meeting Tuesday, then left the list at home.

Case & Point 3: I was trying to remember if we washed the sheets on the guest bed after the last visitor (don't worry we washed them anyway just to be sure).  Anyway, my sentence to Neil went, "I'm trying to remember [the last time we washed the sheets].... I can't remember what I was going to say"

Best Moments this week: We cleaned a bunch on the house!  It is looking great!  We donated a bunch of stuff and craigs listed some other things.  We are working on clearing out the nursery and combining the guest room and office into one.  Things are shaping up well!

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Karen said...

It's a GIRL!!!!!!! HOORAY!! I'm so excited for our little girls to be friends :)

LOL yes, I remember the baby brain. Next will come the sleep deprived brain, don't worry though it gets easier every day.

Love you!!