Thursday, July 19, 2012

24 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs (or 17 from my lowest low)

Baby Size:
Canteloupe (Average size: 10.5 inches (from head to toe), 12.7 oz.)

Maternity Clothes:
Out in full force.  My shorts no longer fit and require the use of a really stretchy hair band, which presents its own challenges.  I got another light weight dress which both my sister's swore by when they were pregnant.

Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl!! Its a sweetie little Girl!

Movement: Still feeling lots of kicks!  I can sometimes see my stomach move because she is so strong!  Love my health girl :)

Sleep: Sleeping has been fine lately, except sometimes I get too hot.  I don't really know what to do about it.  Its almost like my body isn't regulating itself properly.  You would think I would wake myself up if I was getting too hot, but no.  And in the morning, I never wake up feeling sweaty, just uncomfortably nauseously hot. Why am i not sweating? Or maybe i just don't sweat enough... its quite odd. 

Cravings: I must be a "Jersey Girl" because I can't get enough dairy!  I love milk and ice cream and cheese and yogurt.  I have always loved these things but I particularly notice it lately.

Other crazy symptoms: I had a couple "set backs" this week in the name of progress.  I am trying to stop taking my nausea medicine (Zofran/Ondansetron). I've gotten to down to where I split the pill in half, making it just 2 mg which I take in the mornings when I wake up.  Its the weirdest thing because I don't need it the rest of the day, but if I don't take this pill when I wake up, before I feel nauseous, its pretty much all over.  I almost feel like its all in my head because the pill should only last for 4 hours, and its only half strength b/c it is cut in half.  So why does a 2mg pill create the difference between a good day and a bad day?

Yesterday I tried skipping the pill altogether and just popping up and eating something first thing.  That didn't go over well.  I ended up throwing up, which wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I can't go on and have a normal day after that.  So I took my pill at that point and ended up feeling pretty decent after like 1:00. 

So I talked to my Dr. about it at my appointment yesterday and he was so supportive and said he was really proud of me for the progress I'm making and I'm doing so good.  He encouraged me to try some other nausea helpers that didn't work before, but might work now that things are milder.  So this morning I tried taking some Emetrol, and didn't last 10 minutes before I was throwing up.  But I am determined not to take my pill b/c I feel like I need to find a long term solution to this thing!  So I've been on the couch all day and started feeling somewhat better around 3 or 4 and ate a little bit.  Its certainly not as bad as things were at first, since I've only thrown up once each day, but its just so frustrating to feel nauseous all the time.  If it was just throwing up once in the morning and feeling find the rest of the day I would be so fine with that.  Its this lingering sicky feeling that drives me nuts!  I feel like I can't do anything!

Best Moments this week: We headed up to Kansas City to celebrate Neil's 30th birthday, which will be later this month.  It was such a fun little get-away!  We ate at some great places and took in the sites of the city. 

We went to the Dr this week and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  Neil was so smart and sneaky and actually recorded a clip of it!  I love listening to it over and over.  I even tried to make it into my ring tone but couldn't get it to work.  I feel like we are learning more and more about our sweetie girl.  I told Neil that we have now experienced touch (little kicks), sight (ultrasound), and sound (heartbeat)! He said, yeah and she has affected your taste and smell, so we've got them all!

We set up some classes to take at the hospital.  I'm so thankful for my wonderful supportive husband.  He has been at every Dr's appointment and is taking 3 classes with me (including breastfeeding!).  My Dr. said at our next appointment we will do another ultrasound!  I can't wait :)

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Karen said...

Where's your BUMP! We need pictures ;)

I know exactly what you mean about how not taking your pill throws off your ENTIRE day :( The good news is after the baby is born you won't even remember all that nausea and yucky feelings. M is only six weeks old and I can't even remember being queasy with her. I can hardly remember the contractions either. I guess there is a good reason for 'new mommy brain' lol.

Sounds like you had fun in KC! I'm so glad :)

Love you guys (all THREE!!)